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How to Set Up Ads That Attract Your Ideal Client
So You Stop Wasting Your Money Marketing to People Who Won't Book You!

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Training Course

I’ve been there. Throwing another $100 at a Facebook or Instagram advertisement that you’re not sure will even produce any leads, any inquiries, or heck, even be seen at all by the people you want to see it.

Once the campaign ends and you’re disappointed with the results, it sinks in that you’re down another $100 with nothing really to show for it. Where did your hard-earned money just go? Did I just pay Zuckerberg’s water bill? THAT HAPPENED SO FAST!

I literally had those thoughts before I discovered some amazingly powerful methods for using Instagram & Facebook ads to get my work in front of the exact person in front of the EXACT ideal client that I wanted to see my work, instead of wasting money on serving my ads to people who would never book me. 

and i can show you how!

did you know?

Accelerate Your Ads is a powerful go-on-your-own-pace online module-based course that will walk you through the process of setting up your ads, targeting your ideal client for particular niches, and writing ad copy that grabs the interest of your ideal client and draws them to you!

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Are you ready to stop wasting your money and start creating ads that work?

Of course! But i still have questions

Look What Targeted Ads Did For My Business:

I grew tired of throwing money into the bottomless pit of Facebook & Instagram advertising. I thought there had to be a better way! There was, and it was at my fingertips the entire time!

Once I fully explored how powerful and detailed Facebook’s data collection really was, I was able to apply my knowledge of my industry to target only people I needed to and stop wasting money on delivering ads to people who weren't my ideal client and would never book me.

I turned a small Instagram advertisement investment into TEN FULL-PRICED WEDDING BOOKINGS in just ONE MONTH! My return-on-investment was over 2,000%! That’s insane! 

Less Money for More Clicks and More Bookings

here's what you learn in the course

1. How Facebook/Instagram targeting data is collected
2. What content to advertise to boost your bookings
3. Step-by-step instructions on how to set up a targeted advertisement 
4. How to write winning ad copy to attract your ideal client
5. Tips & tricks to follow up with people who interact with your ad

Plus SO much more!

frequently asked questions

 I’ll never forget that the very first targeted ad I ran, I received an inquiry after only 75 CENTS had been spent on a $100 budget. That inquiry led to a booking of my highest package of over $5,000! So it can happen really fast, but results vary depending on how you target your ads, the price range of services you offer, and how wide you cast your net.

How much do I need to spend on ads to see results? 

SUPER targeted. You can target left-handed, juggling, unicyclers with a tattoo on their left leg. Just kidding! But the categories of targets certainly feel like they could be that specific! I’ll walk you through different targeting techniques for different niches and businesses in this course!

How targeted are we talking

The targeting techniques can be used for almost any industry, and the process is easy to replicate once you learn it. THIS course, however, is specifically targeted toward small creative businesses such as photographers, florists, planners, and other creatives!

Who Is This Course For? 

This all sounds great!

How much is the course?

The Accelerate Your Ads Facebook & Instagram Advertising Course is designed from the ground up to help you understand fundamentally how ads on those platforms work.


For me, that’s worth over $50,000 in revenue from just ONE small ad!


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a little about me

I’m just a gal from Pennsylvania with a dream to take gorgeous photos of even more beautiful people, grow my business, and help people just like you grow theirs along the way!

 I left college early, and with no degree, to go be my own boss. I was terrified. I had no idea what I was doing. And I made mistakes; Boy, did I make mistakes! But I learned from those mistakes and have created a rapidly growing business that I love!

Okay, I'm ready to jump head-first!

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