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How To Set Your Instagram Growth On Fire
And get your work in front of real clients along the way!

An Elizabeth Moore Photography
Training Course

You scroll through your galleries, looking for that perfect image for what feels like half the day. You write what you think is the perfect caption. You hashtag like it’s going out of style. You go push that publish button and wait, hoping for an explosion of likes, comments, saves, and shares…

…But what you thought would be an explosion of engagement and your inbox full of inquiries turns out to be nothing more than a dull pop, or nothing at all. 
Does this sound familiar? 

It doesn’t have to be like this

You can grow an audience that genuinely wants to see your work and waits for it like a groupie at a boy-band concert!

You can get your work in front of your ideal client that can’t wait to book with you

It’s possible to get more attention to your work than you’ve ever had before!

You can grow your following, your network, and your overall business much faster than you thought!

what if i told you...

would you believe me?

did you know?

Ignite Your Instagram is THE learn-at-your-own-pace online course you need in your tool belt to accelerate your Instagram growth, up your IG game to the next level, and book MORE clients through those little social squares!

The methods, tips, and tricks are all designed to use Instagram how it’s supposed to be used: Organically and all designed to get attention from people who can’t wait to see more from you. It puts the social in social media!

and i can show you how!

don't believe me yet?

 Looks What These Methods Did For Me:


Followers Per Day: 1-2

Profile Views: 200-300 Per Week

Average Engagement: 3-4% Per Post

Max Post Engagement: 6+%


Followers Per Day: 20-50

Profile Views: 3,000-4,000 Per Week

Average Engagement: 5-6% Per Post

Max Post Engagement: 12+%

The Methods

The Methods

still don't believe me?

The Follower Growth Chart Speaks For Itself!

Can You Tell Where I Started My New Methods?

From 7,000 To Over 10,000 Followers In Less Than 3 Months!

what others have to say

Lizzie's course is AMAZING! I know good amount about Instagram, but her course was still eye opening for me. Just some little tips can go a LONG way. I just watched her course an hour ago and implemented some things already and gained a few new followers! It's SO worth it! I can't wait for the next few days!!!

katie, ribbon & Ink

Lizzie! Oh My Gosh!!!! Your course is AMAZING!! Just in one hour I've already learned SO much! You go girl! I cannot wait to apply your methods!!

Photography By Gerrianna

I just finished watching the course! WOW, Lizzie - Just Wow!!  
I took 6 pages of notes and wanted to stop it every 30 seconds to look at Instagram and see what you were talking about!! I was fully engaged from the first slide, they were filled with information I have never heard before, they were very clear and you presented things in a way that was positive and makes me want to dive right in! 

Annie Sharp Photography

Heres What You'll Learn

Module 3:

•Growing Your Following
•Engagement Methods That WORK
•Engaging With A Purpose
•Watch Me Using These Methods
•Benefits Of Great Engagement

Module 2:

•The Benefits Of Using Hashtags
•Hashtag Strategies
•Hashtag Examples
•Biggest Hashtag Mistakes
•Getting In Front Of Potential Clients

Module 1:

•Learn How The Algorithm Works
•Updating Your Bio
•Cleaning Up Your Feed
•Posting Quality Content
•How To Track Your Stats

Module 4:

•Instagram Stories Walkthrough
•Why Instastories Matter
•How To Reach Clients Using Stories
•Instagram Story Mistakes
•Instagram Highlights

frequently asked questions

As soon as you jump into these tactics head on, you’ll notice a very quick shift toward growth!

Will I see growth immediately?

You can apply these methods at your own pace, as slow or as fast as you need to go. The growth you’ll see is directly related to the amount of time put in with these strategies, but I suggest budgeting at least an hour per day (it’s easy if you sprinkle it in throughout the day)

I’m really busy, is it something I can do slowly? 

I’ll tell you what Ignite Your Instagram isn’t; It isn’t a platform where I tell you how to buy followers, engagement, or trick people into doing something they don’t want to do. This growth is totally 100% organic where your new followers will follow you because they want to, not because you’re tricking them. Of course we’ll go over some of those best practices for how to curate your feed, kill it with hashtags, and ideas on how to create more engagement!

Is this just another Instagram course?

 Any entrepreneur running a small business can implement these methods and succeed. In fact, I haven’t run into an industry yet that can’t these methods won’t work for!

Who Is This Course For? 

is this course for me?

This course is only for people who want to grow their Instagram following, increase their engagement, and get their work in front of potential clients, helping to increase their bottom line by a significant amount (I know it did for me!). If you don’t want any of those things, then perhaps this isn’t the course for you, but if my suspicion on your goals is correct...

As a photographer, these methods have absolutely crushed it for me, but it’s worked for so many other businesses across other niches because being social is human nature, and isn’t specific to one industry. 

This course is only for you if…

- You want to grow your following organically
- You want to greatly increase your engagement
- You want to get your work in front of real clients
- You want to network with others in your industry
- You want to get attention to your work and let others know who you are

If this sounds like you, then keep scrolling!

I want all of that!

How much is the course?

The Ignite Your Instagram course is designed so that anyone can watch it, apply the methods, and start growing immediately. From Instagram pros to beginners, and for those at all stages in their business, this course will organically grow your following, increase your engagement, and get your work in front of real potential clients to help boost your profits!



a little about me

I’m just a gal from Pennsylvania with a dream to take gorgeous photos of even more beautiful people, grow my business, and help people just like you grow theirs along the way!

 I left college early, and with no degree, to go be my own boss. I was terrified. I had no idea what I was doing. And I made mistakes; Boy, did I make mistakes! But I learned from those mistakes and have created a rapidly growing business that I love!